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Crazy Cakes

Juggle tasty treats and a paradise of fairytale customers when you play the puzzle game Crazy Cakes.

Stack your baked goods for faster service

Earn power-ups to make your job easier!

Dozens of possible customer requests in the Crazy Cakes game

This is one of Club Pogo's exclusive online puzzle games

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Crazy Cakes How To Play

The general Crazy Cakes game flow is:
1. A customer will enter and ask for a dessert.
2. You combine a flavor (e.g. Cherry, Lime, etc.) with a dessert type (e.g. Cake, Cookie, etc.) to make the order the customer wants.
3. Put the mixed order in an oven to bake it.
4. Once the oven is done baking, Pick up the dessert and deliver it to the customer.
5. They'll give you a pile of money which you need to pick up so that other customers can get to the counter and order.

There are five different types of customers that will come into your shop. Understanding each customer and knowing how to keep them happy are important when going for a high score in the Crazy Cakes game.

- Humans are your most average customers. They're also your most common customers.
- Dwarves are very patient and have average cash, but they're very specific about what they want and will almost never have a flexible order.
- Elves are wealthy and impatient. If you serve them quickly, they'll pay you well, but take too long, and they'll storm out in a huff.
- Trolls don't have a lot of cash, but they're willing to wait for their desserts, and they always have flexible orders.
- Wizards have little cash and little patience, but if you serve them in time, they will almost always give you a power-up!

Standard Orders occur when a customer gives you a single order for a specific dessert, like the Human's request for a Cherry Pie above.

Double Orders occur whenever a single patron asks for two items. The Elf above wants both an Orange Cookie and a Blueberry Brownie. Filling part of the order will make the patron happy enough to wait around a little while longer for the second dessert, but if you deliver both orders at the same time, you'll get a Tandem Bonus.

Flexible Orders sometimes, a customer doesn't care what type of dessert you give them as long as it's a certain flavor. At other times, they may just want a type (like a Cookie) without caring what flavor it is. The Troll above will be happy with anything Grape-flavored, while the Wizard will take any flavor of Brownie.

Know Your Desserts
One of the keys to getting the most out of the online puzzle is understanding the different dessert types and flavors you can serve (shown above). There are five different types of desserts you can make in the game: Cookies, Muffins, Pies, Brownies, and Cakes. The cookie (on the left) has the shortest cooking time but also doesn't earn much money, while the cake (on the right) earns you a lot of money but takes a long time to cook.

There are also five different flavors in the game: Cherry, Blueberry, Orange, Grape, and Lime. Though the flavors have no initial affect on baking time or sale price, they do play into Oven Combos, which you can read about in the Scoring section.

It costs you nothing to bake extra desserts, so making them ahead of time can get you great tips if a customer asks for something that you have already baked.

Know How to Keep Your Customers Happy
The key to keeping your customers happy is quick service, but sometimes there are so many customers that it's just not possible to serve all of them in a timely fashion. In these cases, you're going to be very thankful for Flowers and Trivets.

Flowers - Everyone likes flowers. In your shop, you have a magical flower pot that grows flowers for you. If you pick a flower and give it to a customer, that customer will gain back some of the patience that they've lost. It takes a little time for another flower to grow back, so you need to be a little careful when you choose to use it, but it can make the difference between a customer storming out and that same customer giving you a great tip.

Trivets - These are a place for you to place already-cooked desserts until you need them. Whenever there aren't a lot of customers in your shop, you can use the ovens to bake desserts ahead of time. If a customer comes in and wants something you already have baked, you can give it to them immediately, which will net you a huge tip and possibly even a power-up in the Crazy Cakes game!

Know Your Power-Ups
If you deliver a dessert to a customer and make them really happy, there's a chance that they'll leave you a power-up as a tip. Picking up the money left by that customer will also reveal which power-up they've given you and place it under the counter to be used later. Except for fireworks, you can only have one power-up of each type under the counter at-a-time. You can never have more than three power-ups at-a-time stored under the counter. If all three power-up slots under the counter are full, the power-up present box will add 50 to the money earned for your order instead of giving you a power-up.

Most power-ups last 30 seconds in the Crazy Cakes game, while some are instant, and others stick around for the whole round. When you activate a 30-second power-up, it will appear on the active power-up sign for the duration of its use. You can see the Coin Purse of Collection active in the image above. Only two 30-second power-ups can be active at one time.

Know When to Cut Your Losses
Sometimes, you'll be carrying something or have a dessert on a trivet that you just can't use. If this is the case, you can feed it to the trash can to get rid of it.

Every round has both a Goal and an Expert Goal. When you achieve the Goal, fireworks will display along with music to celebrate your success. Meeting the Goal will earn you additional Tokens at the end of the round as well as a S-P-I-N medallion. When you have collected all four S-P-I-N medallions, you will get a Jackpot Spin. If you can meet the Expert Goal for the round, you will also get a 50% token bonus. This section includes information about how to earn more money per customer, which will help you meet and beat these goals.

Serving Customers Quickly
When you deliver an order to a customer, they will pay you for their dessert. Getting an order to a customer quickly can earn you extra money as a tip that will help you meet the Expert Goal for the level.When playing the Crazy Cakes game, There are two primary ways to speed up your deliveries.

Oven Combos
Repeatedly cooking desserts of the same flavor in the same oven will increase that oven's speed at cooking that flavor. The three ovens above show an oven combo of level 1 for the Grape oven (on the right), level 2 for the Blueberry, and level 3 for the Cherry. Any amount of combo will speed up the baking of a flavor. If an oven reaches level 4 for a certain flavor, that flavor of dessert will cook in about half the regular time. Placing a different dessert flavor in an oven resets the Oven Combo to level 1 for the new flavor.

Using Trivets
If you've got a free oven, cooking desserts ahead of time can really give you a speed boost. If you've baked a dessert you're not going to use immediately, don't throw it away, instead drop it on a trivet. Each trivet can hold a single dessert and keep it fresh. If a customer walks in and happens to want a dessert that you've already got waiting on a trivet, you can deliver it to them immediately, earning you a huge tip.

Special Score Bonuses
Tandem Bonus
If a customer has a Double Order, and you deliver both items to the customer at the same time, you'll earn a Tandem Bonus in this online puzzle.

Delivery Chains
Delivery chains are built-up when you deliver subsequent orders that are related in some way. As long as the order you're delivering matches either the flavor or type of the previous order, you'll build the Delivery Chain, which will give you additional cash on every delivery. The maximum Delivery Chain bonus is a "Chain x5," which can be seen in the image above.

Other tips for advanced play:
- Use Oven Combos as much as possible. It's sometimes even a good idea to bake cookies in your down-time in order to increase the combo on your ovens.
- If you're not using an oven to bake something for a customer, you can make desserts to place on trivets.
- Try to pay attention to Elves. They're very impatient, but if you can deliver when they're happy, they'll give you a lot of money.
- Wizards and Dwarves have the highest chance of giving you power-ups, so if you need a power-up, focus on making them happy.
- Double orders can get you a tandem bonus, but if you're willing to not get the bonus, they can also give you a little extra time. When you fill half of a double order, it makes the patron happier, meaning that they're willing to wait longer than usual for the second half of the order.
- If you have the time to do so, deliver more expensive goods to customers who will take anything of a certain flavor. A Cherry Cake will earn you a lot more money than a Cherry Cookie. However, you have to be careful, because patrons might not want to wait long enough for you to bake a cake. , because patrons might not want to wait long enough for you to bake a cake.

Skill Levels:
This online puzzle game includes four different skill levels. Increasing the skill level makes the game more frantic and much more difficult but also gives you the opportunity to earn more points and tokens in the same amount of time.

Switching skill levels will reset your progress towards a Jackpot Spin.

Ranks are earned in Crazy Cakes by delivering desserts to patrons. Rank progress is earned regardless of whether you meet the goal or expert goal for the round that you're playing. Playing at a higher difficulty level will encourage more dessert deliveries in a single round, so playing on high difficulties will earn ranks more quickly.

This game has 50 ranks that you can earn as you progress through this online puzzle. The Recipe Book in the bottom, left corner of the screen reflects your current rank. Clicking on the recipe book will pause the game and show you the number of dessert deliveries remaining until your next rank.

Each rank you earn also grants you a real dessert recipe that you can print out and bake! You can access your unlocked recipes whenever you want by clicking on the recipe book. Clicking on a recipe name will open a new, printable browser window containing that recipe.

At the end of each round, the round summary screen will also display how many more desserts you need to deliver in order to achieve the next rank.

There are five rank badges you can earn in Crazy Cakes. The badges are given out when you achieve ranks 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Special Score Bonuses
The Crazy Cakes game is an exclusive game for Club Pogo members! You can win great prizes just by playing online puzzles like Crazy Cakes.

If you should win a prize drawing, you will receive an e-mail directing you to a prize confirmation page where you must confirm your real name, accurate e-mail address and other pertinent information. To claim a prize, you must confirm this contact information and conform to the eligibility requirements documented in our Prize Rules.

Crazy Cakes Tips and Tricks


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